Motivated in Medicine

Medicine is a taught carrier , how to remain motivated into it?

We were excited about this gathering of Christian medical students in this format, and we gathered in an unexpectedly large number at the present moment.

We initiated the meeting with a socializing period, where one can open up best while sitting at a table with someone and enjoying snacks. This was followed by a time of prayer, worship through singing, and a biblical message prepared by Lucian, which was skillfully interwoven with the evening's theme.

The meeting continued and couldn't have been better, thanks to two icebreaker games prepared by Thomas and Minodora.

The first game involved a ball of string, which was randomly thrown from one person to another. We had to remember the name of the person from whom we received it. This went on until we were all entangled in a circuit resembling a spider's web. The challenging part was figuring out how to reverse the circuit without causing more confusion. Can you imagine how to get out of this?:)))

In the end, I believe we managed quite well and learned each other's names.

The second get-to-know-you game involved a tennis ball. This time, when you caught the ball, you had to share a few things about yourself: your name, where you're from, what you're studying, and your hobbies.

We all found these games to be very beneficial and well-received. I believe the enjoyment was evident on everyone's faces.

We began the workshop with a brief introductory video. Following that, Filip and I went over the entire procedure.

Our colleague, Filip, is passionate about both communicating with people and medicine. He guided us through the presentation of the workshop, which focused on the correct method of measuring blood pressure.

You wouldn't believe how many things you need to consider and verify when measuring blood pressure accurately.

We also applied what we had learned. I believe we successfully captured their attention with this workshop. Since repetition is the mother of learning, we won't give up until we succeed.

As a small keepsake from this meeting, we thought a bookmark would be ideal to take home.

In the end, we want to thank God for making this gathering of Christian medical students possible and for bringing us people willing to get involved and serve God. We are grateful for the team that joined us, consisting of Simona, Lucian, Thomas, and Minodora, and we pray that the Lord will ignite the same passion for this work in the hearts of others as well.

Last but not least, we extend our gratitude to Fundatia Ethos for all the support they have provided.

Naomi-Estera Pais

Medic Rezident at Spitalul Judetean de Urgente Craiova

Motivated in Medicine
Pais Naomi June 15, 2023
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