Fallen from the sky to enter heaven

We humans, in turn, have at some stage of life a hero as a role model, or a superhero with superpowers and who can defeat evil. Sometimes we would even like to be that hero. I admit that sometimes I wish I could be like a superhero and solve the problems of others or myself. At the same time, I wouldn't have believed that an Agent 007 could even exist in reality. 

I could say that Ewald Doner lived his youth as a 007 agent. Why do I say that? Because adrenaline and breaking personal records drove him for a good part of his life.

He went to gendarmerie school, then worked as an undercover narcotics policeman (he played his role so well that no one discovered him during the mission), worked as a helicopter pilot rescuing people in the Austrian Alps and then ended his career as a traffic policeman. Not to mention, one year he worked in Romania! 

But sometimes Agent 007 has problems. And like the movies, we expect something spectacular to happen and escape from a dangerous situation. This time, Ewald was put in such a situation when he took part in a helicopter rescue mission in the mountains. He helped his two colleagues out of the helicopter, near the top of a mountain, and when he had to leave, the rotor blade hit a rock, which in turn hit the rotor motor, leading to a crash of the aircraft. What would James Bond have done in this situation? I think we could all imagine a scenario. In those moments, Ewald tried to stabilize the helicopter, quickly said Our Father, not thinking he could help him with anything, then saw a small meadow where he could just about land. He finally did, and his first thought was: I've blown up a helicopter! And not a thank God. His colleagues saw the whole thing from above, went down a steep slope to give him first aid and then they were all recovered by a second helicopter.

Well, after such an event, the character in the film would move on to a new adventure, but this is not what happened to Ewald: after this episode he started to have panic attacks, to develop various fears, he was even afraid to fly the helicopter. Except for his wife, he didn't talk to anyone about this problem, until one day he couldn't anymore and opened his heart to one of the team doctors, who was a Christian. He was expecting to receive medication for his condition, but instead he told him that he needed Christ, only He could help him get rid of these fears. Over time he continued to deepen his relationship with his co-worker and therefore with God. He came to follow God and serve Him. Now the adventure is no longer alone, but with Christ. He is involved in the local church, community and family.

Ewald now continues to encourage others with his testimony and this is what he tried to do at one of the Ethos Impact youth events. We all met on a Wednesday evening, played games together, got to know each other, ate hot dogs and used the time as much as possible to get to know each other better.