Outdoor Movie

Movie night for youth

At this time, we organized a unique gathering where we invited youth from several Evangelical Churches in Craiova to spend some time together watching a movie.

I can confidently say that God was with us once again. Why do I say this? It rained the entire week, except on the day we planned for the outdoor movie.

As has become customary, Thomas and Minodora surprised us with their "get to know you" game. This time, they introduced a tool bag. Each of us had to select a tool without any time for contemplation. Following that, we were required to share some personal information with the group, including our name, age, field of study, the church we attend, and the reason we chose that particular tool. Additionally, if we felt inclined, we could explain why that tool resonated with us. This concept elicited a chorus of laughter and giggles, setting our imaginations free.

Here it comes, time for the movie. What movie will we be watching? The popcorn was ready, and people were gathered, very curious to find out.

We kept the suspense until the end and did not disclose any information about the film

This movie is about a small girl with a big heart named Hallie Benson. Unfortunately, her creative ways of helping often create a mess. Dan Benson doesn't cook, do hair, or know how to help his three children without his beautiful wife and her unshakable faith.

I put the link for the film under this paragraph so you can discover the entire narrative thread. I will only reveal this, it's a movie with happy ending.

The night was falling, and along with it came the time for discussions based on the movie prepared by Lucian. Drawing from the events in the film, Lucian highlighted how important it is to be a Christian in challenging life situations.

The main metaphor in the film is about the dandelion plant. The yellow flower is beautifully but is not usefully same as non christian person that God cannot use it. The dandelion flower head dries out for a day or two. The dried petals and stamens drop off, the bracts reflex (curve backwards), and the parachute ball opens into a full sphere. When development is complete, the mature seeds are attached to white, fluffy "parachutes" which easily detach from the seedhead and glide by wind, dispersing. Similar to this christians should let God to transform their life and to be full fill of his love and we shouldl share it all over around.

Naomi-Estera Pais

Medic Resident at Spitalul Judetean de Urgente Craiova

Outdoor Movie
Pais Naomi June 16, 2023
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