Stomatology Prevention

This meeting was dedicated to our medical dental students. Two talented individuals from within our group took the initiative to impart their valuable insights on dental care—a contribution that I found not only intriguing but also ripe for immediate implementation.

After transforming the meeting room into a welcoming space for our esteemed guests, we meticulously arranged all the necessary equipment, ensuring that we were fully prepared to host our first attendee.

A sincere thank you to the Ethos team for their invaluable assistance and support.

We commenced this event by introducing ourselves, as we were delighted to welcome newcomers who joined us for the first time. The sight of new faces brought us a sense of joy and anticipation.

Following that, we made the collective choice to join in song, expressing our gratitude to God for the wonderful evening we were experiencing.

The evening started strongly! Flash test, general information about dental care, time was running fast and only 3 winner.

That prompted us to ponder a little deeper. I personally found the information to be more specific and enlightening, and we were truly impressed by the outcomes.

What's a competition worth without its fair share of rewards?